Saturday, 29 January 2011

Making memories

The picture above is of Professor Sir Gabriel Horn, speaking on mechanisms of memory, last Thursday evening. It was a talk I organised for my college's science society, before our annual dinner.

I'm currently the society president, which has been more work than I expected, but also great fun. The lead up to Thursday, for example, involved a cancellation, several different types of adaptor cables to connect a Mac to a projector, a last minute sign up, a seating plan, me having to write an introduction and talk in front of people, last minute placecards, finding a photographer - but on the night itself, everything went remarkably smoothly. Once we were sitting down for dinner, I could relax, and had really quite an interesting evening talking to Gabriel Horn about travel and epigenetics, amongst other things! We did slightly alienate the physicists sitting opposite, though - oops...