Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Worms! Everywhere!

I now have my very own box in the freezer in my project lab. (It has a bright green name sticker on it, because I feel I should keep up my reputation for liking shiny things :P) I feel like I belong there, finally!

Okay, that's an overstatement, but it does feel like my project is finally starting to go somewhere. So far I, and the other girl doing her third year project in the same lab, have spent five weeks doing Western blots over and over again, with various different protocols and equipment and extracts, and to a certain extent it felt like going around in circles. Now, however, we finally have a set up that works well, and tomorrow, perhaps, touch wood, we will have some results.

C. elegans - an adult and a couple that have just hatched. Source.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

How to import a new citation style in LyX

This post is for my own future reference, and for the use of any other users of LyX for Windows, because there seems to be very little documentation out there that doesn't assume a lot of prior knowledge.

I had an extended essay to write over the Christmas holidays: 3000-5000 words, roughly 10% of my final grade, and most relevantly, it needed proper references, and LOTS of them. The guidelines stated citations should use the style found in the journal Cell - Harvard-style referencing, which I personally hate, never mind. The default citation style in LyX is bracketed numbers, like so [1]. It took me some trial and error and far too much time to figure out how to change this, so hopefully this will save other people some bother.