Sunday, 20 March 2011

Baking is science for hungry people! :D

Term is over, my lab project is over (well, the part that involves being in the lab is at least, if not the write-up) - and so to celebrate, I made C .elegans cake!

Fig 1: Caaaaaaake. Photo by me.

It was actually also as a form of bribery / distraction ^^;; You see, I had to do a ten-minute talk to the rest of the Genetics class, plus a few lecturers, on Friday, and to practice, my supervisor kindly suggested that I should also do the talk in a lab meeting... I hate public speaking, although I know that's something I'll have to get over - and so I made cake!

Making it C. elegans cake, however - that I have to admit was inspired by ret_mutant, who made a yeast cake for his lab! And also some awesome DNA cake, complete with a hidden message.

I used this recipe for orange a lemon cake, only with a 9in tin because that's what I had, and I sliced it in half, filled it with lemon curd and a mixture of mascarpone and orange zest, and topped it with lemon curd (agar!), plain white icing (E. coli!) and gummy worms for the worms themselves. It easily fed 12+ people, and one of the two comments I got on my talk was "nice cake" :D

It worked pretty well, from a baker's perspective, although was far more lemon- than orange-flavoured. I'd like to try it again but without any toppings, just the cake itself. Nom.

Note: title taken from the wonderful Questionable Content. I have the t-shirt.

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  1. The cake is awesome! I also bake when I have to do public speaking, I made a banana loaf for a study group a few weeks back..